Portuguese Square


Portuguese Square Malacca is situated at the south of the district, Dalbuquerque road. Located near to St. JohnFort which is in the distant of 0.85km, the square is deemed to be easily accessible by the local and international tourists all these years. Cheng Ho Culture Museum and St. Paul's Hill (A'Famosa) is just few kilometers away from the square.The visible sight of Portuguese Square Malacca could be clearly seen from St. Paul's Hill (A'Famosa).
Portuguese Square Malacca also known as Mini Lisbon symbolizes the Portuguese community in Malacca. The square is the culmination of Portuguese culture in its splendor and colors where descendants of Malay and Portuguese intermarriages since the colonization of Portuguese in the state. Within the Portuguese settlement, the square is central to Portuguese culture and is the only one in its kind in Malaysia.
The square is renowned for the culture blends in the last 400 years. Renowned for its constant hosting unique and interesting stalls, restaurants and entertainment spots, the square has been popular since and one of the landmark that should not be missed out. The square is mostly visited on weekends when it turns on its festive mood and the Portuguese communities will put on their traditional costumes for performances. The square is accompanies by its ample choices of traditional Malacca Hotel that offer various package to suit your budget. Visitors will never find it bored when surrounded by plenty of local attractions in this historical town.