Proclamation of Independence Memorial


The Proclamation of Independence Memorial was set up and officiated by our first and former Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj on 31August 1985, exactly 38 years after our country achieve its independence. Housed in the former Malacca Club building built in 1912, this British colonial building was then used by the British upper class and the British administrator for various social activities, before it was open to the public after the independence of Malaya (now Malaysia).

The Proclamation of Independence Memorial is a must visit venue for those who wish to get an in-depth view on the events leading up to Malaysia’s Independence Day. The memorabilia and records in the Proclamation of Independence Memorial symbolises the indomitable spirit and courage of local Malays and other ethnic groups of Malaysia (formerly known as Malaya) in their fight for the country’s independence.

The exhibits here include collection of manuscripts, videotapes and other audio and visual collections. They are displayed in chronological order and are categorised into several sections, from the early Malay Sultanate, the foreign invasion of the Portugese, Dutch and British colonizers, the short Japanese ruling, the various efforts towards declaration of independence of Malaya and the government formation after the independence of Malaya.

Today, the Proclamation of Independence Memorial stands as a silent witness to Malaysia’s history. The building now commemorates the moment when, our first Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman proclaimed the country’s independence to thousands of Malaysians at Padang Pahlawan (or the ‘Warrior’s Field’) in 1957 after returning from London. However, the field has now turned into a Megamall known as Dataran Pahlawan.